Paul Sherman, Physical Therapist, Laurie Sherman, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Malcolm McPhee, DPT – Sherman Physical Therapy, Skagit Valley

Sherman Physical Therapy, Paul Sherman, Anacortes WAUPDATE: A new therapist has joined our team, Malcolm McPhee, DPT.

Malcolm uses NKT and Myokinesthetic Method to help patients and compliment what Paul and Laurie do. He has extensive training to help golfers improve their game. More to come

We are Paul Sherman, Physical Therapist Laurie Sherman, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and MalcolmMcPhee, DPT.  We have been operating Sherman Physical Therapy since 2000 in Anacortes and in the Skagit Valley region for over 16 years.  Since 2005 we have been in our present location with Jonathan Hanson, Physical Therapist.

We believe physical therapy provides an exercise framework that guides a person in maintaining a healthy, balanced body for life.  With one-to-one treatment, a personalized program is designed and progressed, so that a new level of fitness and health can be attained without pain.

We find the best methods to help each individual client become healthy. By maintaining a state-of-the-art clinic, attending ongoing education seminars, examining the latest research and methodologies, and applying the techniques that we know to be successful, we help you return to a more active, pain-free life.

Paul Sherman - Sherman Physical Therapy - Anacortes WA

Our commitment is to give you a good program, your commitment is to carry it out.
We are looking for patients motivated to achieve these goals.

Paul Sherman, Physical Therapy, Anacortes