Our Process

Our process is made up of four steps:

  1. Evaluation
    Evaluation includes full medical and physical history assessment, an analysis of how you walk and move (gait assessment) with photographs,  and testing of different physiological systems like muscles, joints, range of motion and strength.
  2. Personalized Program
    Next is a personalized Egoscue exercise program designed to fit the time constraints of the individual and tested to see where/how progress is occurring.  Pain is NOT required to heal.
  3. Hands on Therapy
    Hands on work can include ultrasound and electrical stimulation (modalities), soft tissue work, and work with Graston instruments.
  4. Gym Exercise
    Exercise can include work in the gym with weights and resistance, therapy balls, inversion table, aerobic equipment, balance work, gait training and instruction in proper ways of moving.