Success Stories

Whether you’re a young athlete, an accident victim, a professional with chronic pain, or a grandparent wishing for more pain-free activity, we’ve helped people just like you retire their pain and reinvigorate their life. It’s what we live for.

Gladys Bailey-Hudec

“I have been a patient of Paul Sherman’s for about ten years, about as long as he has had his practice.  I am now 80 years old and have had recurring back and leg issues accompanied by extreme pain, repeat back surgeries and credit him for always getting me back “on my feet.”

He is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive, going to the source of the problem and dealing with it.  I have enthusiastically recommended  Paul to a number of my friends in need of physical therapy.  They have all reported excellent experiences.  He is truly a credit to the profession.

Gladys Bailey-Hudec

Nicholas Papadakis

Soccer Shoes AchillesFor my final challenge-block writing assignment for 7th/8th grade, I wrote the essay “Patience with Myself.” I wrote that my achilles tendon became injured and how your treatment helped me heal. “When after a week it didn’t seem to get better from ice and painkillers, I was sent to see a physical therapist. He is a nice man and greatly helped quicken my healing.”

Nichoals Papadakis, age 13,  8th grade